Wiscotti & Me

Meet Pastry Chef Yvonne L Gardner

     Wiscotti, The Wisconsin Biscotti, were created to offer the biscotti lovers of Wisconsin and the world my homemade version of the delicious Italian twice-baked cookie.  Wiscotti are full of vibrant, decadent, and delicious flavors.  We bake them with all of Wisconsin's favorite ingredients and more.  Each biscotti loaf is hand formed; some are layered, marbled, and rolled, and then cut with precision to reveal the ultimate biscotti experience.  

     In 2018, Pastry Chef Yvonne Gardner's venture into the professional baking world started with the grand opening of Crumb Cake Shop LLC.  Crumb Cake Shop is a home based business that specializes in specialty cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pastries, and more.  To supplement her home business, she became the Pastry Chef and Baker at Glorioso's Appetito. It was at Glorioso's that Yvonne formulated and perfected a variety of biscotti recipes, Italian pastries, and creams.  After leaving Glorioso's Appetito, Wiscotti was born. 
     In addition to baking, Pastry Chef Yvonne is a highly decorated US Navy Veteran, who served overseas, at sea, and across the US for over 10 years. After leaving the Navy, Yvonne moved to the Chicagoland area where she worked as a Crime Analyst.  She went to pastry school at night and graduated with high honors from the Pastry Arts Program at Elgin Community College.  She distinguished herself as a serious pastry student by winning the Tate & Lyle Cupcake Competition for two consecutive years while in pastry school.